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How to Restore Weathered Outdoor Wood Flooring: Effective Tips for Cleaning and Restoration

How to Restore Weathered Outdoor Wood Flooring: Effective Tips for Cleaning and Restoration

Do you see your outdoor wood flooring grayed and deteriorated by winter weather?

Chimiver has the solution for you! Get your decking ready for summer!

But first, let’s take a step back…

What is Decking? Understanding Decking and Its Characteristics

Decking is a type of flooring primarily used in outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, balconies, and pool edges. It is typically made from wood, plastic, or composite materials, designed to withstand weather conditions and wear from foot traffic or garden furniture.

Wood decking consists of solid wood planks, generally sourced from durable wood species like oak, teak, western red cedar, or treated pine, making it perfect for outdoor environments and providing continuity with indoor parquet.

As a living, porous material, wood can be damaged by various factors over time:

  • Exposure to weather elements: Rain, snow, sun, and humidity, to which wood is daily exposed, can cause wood to deteriorate (fading, graying, cracking, etc.).
  • Moisture and mold: Wood in humid or shaded environments can develop mold.
  • Wear and scratches: Regular use of decking and friction from foot traffic or garden furniture can cause scratches and superficial marks on the wood surface.
  • Insufficient maintenance: Lack of regular maintenance, such as consistent cleaning and surface protection with appropriate oils, can accelerate decking deterioration.

Effective Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Decking

To keep wood decking in good condition over time, it is important to perform proper maintenance and take preventive measures: this can include regular cleaning, applying impregnating or protective oils, and replacing damaged or rotten boards.

It’s good to know some techniques and products to use to enhance the natural beauty of outdoor wood while preserving its value over time by focusing on:

  • Restoring the original color;
  • Nourishing;
  • Protecting the wood;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing.

How to Treat Wood Decking for Long-Lasting Natural Beauty

Chimiver has developed a complete line of treatment products to enhance the natural beauty of outdoor wood, addressing the following issues:

  • Restoring the original color;
  • Nourishing;
  • Protecting the wood;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing.

Regenerating Solution for Restoring the Original Color of Grayed Wood Floors and Artifacts

LIOS Grigioff: This is a water-based solution for restoring the original color of wooden floors and artifacts situated outdoors that have grayed due to weather exposure. It does not harm rubber or expansion joints. It is a Certified Biodegradable and Ecotoxic product. The application is very simple: after cleaning the area to be treated, it is recommended to moisten the floor with water, then apply the product directly onto the wooden surface to be treated and let it act for 10 minutes.Then, remove the created patina with a stiff-bristle brush (click here for a DIY video) or a single brush and pressure washer (click here for the video), rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, and your decking is completely renewed as if it had just been installed.

Impregnating Oil for Treating Outdoor Wood Floors and Artifacts

Now that you have restored your wood, how should it be treated? After using Lios Grigioff, apply LIOS Sundeck Wood Oil, an impregnating oil particularly suitable for treating wooden floors located outdoors, pool edges, terraces, walkways, gazebos, fences, and wooden canopies. It consists of natural and synthetic oils, enriched with UV absorbers and special anti-aging agents against wood degradation. Shake the product before use, and with the help of a brush, spread the oil on the wood previously prepared with sandpaper. If necessary, apply a second coat. Once dry, your decking will have a warm and natural look. Click here to see the application video. To avoid altering the original color of the decking, Chimiver has also developed the version LIOS Sundeck Wood Oil Light.

Nourishing Soap for Cleaning Outdoor Wooden Floors

And to maintain this fresh, new, renewed, and clean effect? How do you clean outdoor wood flooring? Chimiver has developed an outdoor nourishing detergent soap to be used every 15/30 days, LIOS Sundeck Soap, which helps remove dirt, chlorine residues, and salt while nourishing the wood. The product should be diluted in water. Perform a first cleaning with a cloth or mop, and once dry, repeat the procedure a second time. Once completely dry, your floor will be immediately walkable, streak-free, and with a healthy and nourished appearance.

Still have doubts? Watch the product application videos on thel Chimiver YouTube channel for outdoor wood decks!

Bringing Outdoor Wood Back to Life Has Never Been Easier!

Follow Chimiver’s tips! Chimiver offers a wide range of products suitable for any situation and every finish. Click here and find the product that suits you best!

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If you have questions that our article didn’t answer, contact us. Our experts are available to answer all your queries and find the best solution for your needs.


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