septembre 05, 2023

septembre 05, 2023





How to clean an oiled parquet: Lios Soft Balm

Do you have an oiled parquet and don’t know how to clean it?

An oiled wooden floor can enhance the natural beauty of the wood but also requires some extra care compared to a varnished parquet. The oil penetrates deep into the wood, does not provide the typical protective and resistant layer found on varnished surfaces. For this reason, the specific cleaners must respect the unique characteristics of this finish.

Maintaining an oil-finished parquet is easier than you might think!

Regular and periodic cleaning with quality products is recommended, just like any other flooring.

For proper routine maintenance, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner or a soft electrostatic cloth to capture and remove excess dust. Then, wash the parquet with a well-wrung microfiber cloth and clean the dirt by wiping the cloth along the grain of the wood floor (this avoids the formation of streaks and marks).

What are the most suitable products for cleaning an oiled parquet?

The best products for cleaning an oiled floor are those specifically formulated for this type of finish. (Caution: highly aggressive solutions for wood are strongly discouraged)

In this Chimiver video we show the application of LIOS Soft Balm, a natural nourishing cleaner formulated for the routine cleaning of oiled parquet floors (natural, UV, and urethane-treated). This cleaner not only cleans but also nourishes the floor thanks to its special formulation containing treatment oil, which, when used regularly, enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Chimiver also offers LIOS Soft Balm Aloe, an excellent nourishing product for oiled floors that releases a gentle Aloe fragrance into the environment.

Step for product application:

  1. Vacuum the floor or use a dust-catching cloth;
  2. Clean the parquet using a well-wrung soft microfiber cloth;
  3. Apply the product along the wood grain.

Lios Soft Balm can be used whenever you want to clean the floor.

If you have particularly damaged or dirty oiled parquet, Chimiver recommends LIOS Kronos an intensive cleaner based on plant extracts that can even remove the most stubborn dirt. Use it before LIOS Soft Balm.

What should I do in case of damaged or scratched parquet?

As mentioned earlier, oiled parquet is a bit less superficially resistant compared to varnished parquet, making it more susceptible to wear and scratches. However, it is much easier to restore and bring back to its original condition, offering the possibility of localized repairs even in small areas. In case extraordinary and deeper maintenance is required, you can use LIOS Talita Plus, a quick-drying regenerating maintenance oil perfect for use on particularly worn or dry parquet. (Recommended usage frequency: 1/2 times a year).

Follow CHIMIVER’s advice; keeping your oiled parquet looking like new has never been easier! Stay updated and watch our videos on the Chimiver YouTube channel.

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