May 08, 2024

May 08, 2024



How to Clean and Maintain Synthetic Grass Lawn

Synthetic Turf: A Evergreen Garden Regardless of the Season

How exciting is it to see a garden that stays green regardless of the season? Synthetic grass lawn is an excellent solution, both aesthetically pleasing and practical to maintain, especially when there are children and pets around and little time to dedicate to gardening. Many people have chosen to use artificial grass for their homes instead of natural grass, but often they are not aware of how to clean this synthetic turf.

Artificial grass gardens, while not requiring gardening work and irrigation, still need simple maintenance to preserve their beauty and make them last longer. The presence of pets, food residues, and weather elements are just some of the factors that can “pollute” the turf and its surface, which is why it’s important to treat the grass carpet with a specific cleaner.

How to Clean Artificial Grass

To clean synthetic grass, you need a product that has:

  • Detergent action
  • Instant sanitizing action
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Odor removal capability
  • Pet-friendly properties

Chimiver has developed a specific cleaning line for residential use that encompasses all these features; the product is available both in concentrated and ready-to-use versions.


CLEAN GARDEN PRONTO: Intensive alkaline detergent ready to use, suitable for cleaning synthetic grass turf in residential areas. The bottle is equipped with an easy-to-use spray, simply spray the product on the grass. Children and pets can safely return to playing in a cleaned and sanitized garden. Click here to watch the product application video.


CLEAN GARDEN: Intensive concentrated detergent ideal for treating large surfaces of synthetic grass in residential areas. Thanks to its special formulation, it acts effectively and quickly on the surface. Enhanced with special nanoparticles that ensure prolonged intensive cleaning of the grass surface, keeping it clean and healthy, even in the presence of pets. CLEAN GARDEN cleans and leaves a flowery lawn scent.The product’s usage is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Shake the product before use
  2. Dilute the product with water
  3. Spread the product on the synthetic grass using a sprayer or mixer dispenser 
  4. Let it act
  5. Rinse for detergent action

Click here  to watch the product application video.


Chimiver has the solution for every type of synthetic turf: from residential gardens to sports fields!


The use of synthetic grass in residential areas is quite recent; previously, it was mainly used for sports facilities (football fields, tennis courts, and golf courses). For the past 10 years, Chimiver has studied and developed CLEAN GARDEN SPORT, an intensive alkaline concentrated cleaner for synthetic sports fields, effective against bacteria that form on the grass to safeguard the athletes’ health. Clean Garden Sport is enhanced with special nanoparticles that ensure deep cleaning of the grass surface over time, cleaning and perfuming it. Thanks to Clean Garden Sport’s high sanitizing properties, Chimiver has obtained approval from the National Amateur League and the CSI, promoting its use in their respective tournaments.

Click here to watch the product application video.


Not just soccer fields… synthetic grass is the foundation of Padel courts


For court sanitation and athlete protection, water alone is not enough; specific products must be used. Recently, Chimiver has introduced CLEAN PADEL, an alkaline cleaner for Padel courts, both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to its formulation containing naturally insect-repellent tree essences, cleans and refreshes the treated surface, leaving a fresh and pleasant citrus, citronella, and eucalyptus scent. The special nanoparticles in Clean Padel ensure intensive and prolonged cleaning, keeping the surfaces clean and healthy.

Click here to watch the product application video.


Cleaning, washing, sanitizing, and maintaining a synthetic grass lawn has never been easier! Follow the right advices from CHIMIVER!


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