Bilancio sostenibilità

For us, the environmental sustainability is a social responsibility.

The context in which we live is changing rapidly. The more we produce, the more we become aware of the impact that our products have on the whole world. Climate alterations and current global problems must become a starting point for everyone, allowing us to reflect and take a cue to adhere the change. Ecological Transition has become the driver of our company at all levels, which is why Chimiver is part of this global movement.
Sustainability is no longer a simple option but has become a necessity, not only to innovate our products and processes, but also to do it responsibly by creating a real network throughout the supply chain.
Chimiver is proud to present its first Sustainability Report. This document, referencing the year 2022, provides a detailed overview of the company’s environmentally, socially and economically responsible activities and best practices.

CHIMIVER_Bilancio di Sostenibilità
Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Professionali-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Resina-Resilienti-Decking-WPC-Erba-Sintetica-Chimiver-Decarbonizzazione-2 Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Professionali-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Resina-Resilienti-Decking-WPC-Erba-Sintetica-Chimiver-Decarbonizzazione


Chimiver has decided to take the path of decarbonization in order to limit and eliminate its impact on climate change, in line with the European Union's goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels by 2030, reaching climate neutrality by 2050. The decision to consider the entire organization in the Carbon Footprint (ISO 14064: 2018) is a source of pride and ambition for us, as we want to consider everything that concerns us: customers, employees, suppliers, logistics, raw materials, packaging, energy, water etc ... The goal will be to reduce CO2 equivalent emissions as much as possible and possibly try to offset the remaining ones with specific projects.

Italian-Company-Professional-Products-Laying-Treatment-Maintenance-Floors-Wood-Resin-Resilient-Decking-WPC-Synthetic-Turf-Chimiver-Research-Development Italian-Company-Professional-Products-Gluing-Treatment-Maintenance-Floors-Wood-Resin-Resilient-Decking-WPC-Synthetic-Turf-Chimiver-Research-Development-1

Products with reduced environmental impact

Chimiver has selected some products to carry out the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). This voluntary document will describe the environmental impacts through an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study where the necessary resources and the environmental impacts in the various phases of the product life cycle will be defined. Thanks to this document we will be able to intervene by modifying the formulations of our products to obtain the lowest possible impact without compromising current performance. We strongly believe that staying ahead is a winning strategy.

Italian-Company-Professional-Products-Laying-Treatment-Maintenance-Floors-Wood-Resin-Resilient-Decking-WPC-Synthetic-Grass-Chimiver-Recycled-Packaging Italian-Company-Professional-Products-Gluing-Treatment-Maintenance-Floors-Wood-Resin-Resilient-Decking-WPC-Synthetic-Turf-Chimiver-Packaging-Recycled-1

Ecological transition in packaging

Chimiver has been supporting for years a process of transition from packaging produced from virgin raw materials to packaging produced with recycled raw materials certified as Second Life Plastic. The design of a packaging affect for approximately 80% of the waste, and that is why we have decided to intervene at this stage of the process thanks to a dedicated team of people. The resulting benefits are enormous, in the economic, environmental and social spheres. In 2021 and 2022 we participated in the ECOPACK - Call for Ecodesign promoted by CONAI and we were selected as winners with different types of packaging. We still have a lot of work to do to improve, we will continue to do it consciously.

Agenda-ONU_2030_2023 Agenda-ONU_2030_2023

Our goal: Sustainability Report

The publication of the first Sustainability Report demonstrates Chimiver's commitment and dedication to sustainability and the country's growth. Currently there are no reporting obligations for our company, so it is a completely voluntary choice. Having adopted sustainability as a business principle is the reason why we have committed (and will continue to do so) with resources, investments and time in all these projects. We will be able to prepare specific targets for alignment with the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030, reporting the quantification of the progress achieved.

With this new program we open the doors to a new world of possibilities. We believe that investing in better, longer lasting and more sustainable technologies is the best way to perfect ourselves. In this way we contribute to the creation of a successful future, a sustainable future, from which all of us and the next generations can benefit.

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