noviembre 22, 2023

noviembre 22, 2023





VELUREX RE-PAIR: DIY solution to restore your flooring (Parquet, Resin, LVT, PVC, SPC, Linoleum)

VELUREX RE-PAIR: DIY solution to restore your flooring (Parquet, Resin, LVT, PVC, SPC, Linoleum)

Do you know that with VELUREX Re-Pair you can nourish, renew, and protect your wooden, resin, and resilient floors?

VELUREX Re-Pair is a polyurethane resin-based protective solution formulated for the extraordinary maintenance of floors subjected to high foot traffic and particulalry worn. The product is available in two versions: matte (for surfaces treated with natural and less shiny finishes) and glossy (for floors with shiny and brilliant finishes).

VELUREX Re-Pair is so easy to apply that it is recommended also for Do-It-Yourself projects!

Step for a proper product application:

  1. Vacuum the floor or use a dust-catching cloth;
  2. Wash the floor with a specific detergent for the type of finish applied (*) using a well-wrung microfiber cloth;
  3. Apply VELUREX Re-Pair along the wood grain by moistening the microfiber cloth and pouring a small amount of product on the surface.

The floor is walkable after 2-3 hours..

(*) Chimiver offers a complete range of maintenance products (ordinary and extraordinary) for washing and cleaning all kinds of floors.

VELUREX Cleaner Star: multi-purpose intensive cleaner suitable for cleaning lacquered parquet. Read our article on how to maintain and clean varnished wood floors!

VELUREX Resina Cleaner: intensive neutral multi-purpose cleaner specifically formulated for resin and micro-cement floors.

VELUREX LVT Cleaner: intensive antistatic cleaner specifically formulated for vinyl floors such as PVC, SPC, LVT, and linoleum.

VELUREX Re-Pair gives the treated surface a new look characterized by the following properties:

  • Surface hardness: its special formulation provides additional protection to the floor,
  • Tenacity: increases mechanical resistances
  • Transparency: it does not change the surface coloration.

Cleaning, maintaining, and restoring a floor or surface has never been easier! Follow Chimiver advices!

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Do you have outdoor wooden floors and don’t know how to treat or clean them? Read our article! Or check out our Academy, a section full of tips, suggestions, and news!

And if you have any questions that we haven’t addressed in our article please contact us, our experts are available to answer all your queries and find the best solution for your needs.

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