UV LED: an emerging technology for wood varnishing

The LED technology (acronym for “Light Emitting Diode”) represents an efficient and long-lasting choice whose advantages are now finding application in various fields. At the industrial level, technologically innovative production lines that use alternative crosslinking systems through LED lamps have been added to traditional UV painting systems, and they guarantee the same final result from a quality perspective. At the same time, LED application cycles are also becoming popular among installers and professionals in the sector. LED technology advantages: sustainability; innovation; efficiency.

Products of LED line

Chimiver has developed in its R&D laboratories a new line of industrial solutions for polymerization through UV LED lamps. A complete range that includes Oils, Lacquers, Undercoatings and Primers. Chimiver aims to promote the culture of LED technology not only in the industrial sector but also for on-site applications. Years of study and research have led to LED-Y, the Chimiver solution for LED photo-curing of oils (watch the video) and lacquers (watch the video) after application. Working times are drastically reduced, making surfaces immediately walkable. It is ideal especially for refurbishments of commercial, sports, and residential areas, and in all situations where time is an essential element.

Ambientale-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria-bw Ambientale-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria


LED lamps, differently from UV lamps, are mercury-free and do not produce ozone.

VIta-Utile-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria-bw VIta-Utile-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria

Useful life

UV lamps have a working life of about 1,000 hours while LED lamps can reach more than 25,000 hours.

Temperatura-di-Esercizio-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria-bw Temperatura-di-Esercizio-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria

Working temperature

UV lamps have an operating temperature of 350° while the LED ones only 60°.

Potenza-Elettrica-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria-bw Potenza-Elettrica-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria

Energy consumption

UV lamps have a high energy consumption, thanks to LED lamps the saving is about 90%.

On-Off-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria-bw On-Off-Tecnologia-LED-Chimiver-Azienda-Italiana-Prodotti-Posa-Trattamento-Manutenzione-Pavimenti-Legno-Parquet-Industria

On / Off

UV lamps require pre-heating and must always remain ON; LED lamps are ready for use and automatically switch on only at the wood passage.

Why choosing LED systems?

The context we live in is rapidly transforming and sustainability is no longer just an option but has become a real necessity. It is not enough to innovate products and business processes, it must be done responsibly by creating a real network throughout the supply chain. This is why the Ecological Transition has become a fundamental driver at all levels, and Chimiver wants to be at the forefront of this moment of global change.


Significant energy savings and the consequent reduction in production costs while fully respecting the environment.


Efficient and optimized construction schedules. Fewer hours to complete the work, fewer necessary trips, more time for new projects.


A sustainable choice for renewing parquet floors, using products with high resistance characteristics and minimizing disruptions at home.

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