October 18, 2023

October 18, 2023



Primers, Lacquers and Cleaners for Multi-Sport wooden flooring. Professional products for Champions!

Primers, Lacquers and Cleaners for Multi-Sport wooden flooring. Professional products for Champions!

Do you know that we offer a complete range of products specifically formulated to meet the needs of wooden sports surfaces?

With Chimiver products, the final result is an optimized surface for sports in terms of:

  • Resistance levels: lacquers are formulated to protect the wood’s surface from heavy foot traffic.
  • Slip: professional products that enhance grip and ensure the correct friction, reducing slips and falls that might occur with non-specific painting cycles.
  • Brightness: achieving the right level of shine without altering the athletes’ and the audience’s gameplay vision, striking a balance between glossy and matte finishes with minimal reflections.
  • Lifespan: using specific primers and lacquers for sports applications and a proper maintenance with professional products can extend the useful life of the flooring.

Primers and Lacquers for champions

Chimiver offers a comprehensive product line for wooden multi-sport flooring (basketball courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, etc.) and provides specific sports solutions for every need:

  • ECOPRIME 2K SPORT: A two-component water-based primer recommended as the first coat in the painting process for sports wooden surfaces.
  • ECOSTAR 2K SPORT: A two-component water-based polyurethane finish with anti-slip properties for parquet in sports centers. It possesses all the features of ECOSTAR 2K while meeting the highest anti-slip standards for sports wooden floors.
  • ECOSTAR LINE COLORS: A pigmented two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer designed for marking game lines and court boundaries. It’s available in various colors that can be mixed for countless effects.
  • VELUREX CLEANER SPORT: A concentrated anti-slip cleaner for the routine cleaning of sports wooden surfaces. This cleaner effectively removes marks from dirty floors without leaving streaks. It’s formulated with a special concentrated anti-slip solution, ideal for preventing and reducing the risk of slipping on smooth or slippery surfaces.

Chimiver is RECOMMENDED and CERTIFIED by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA Approved Equipment) with its range of finishing and maintenance products for sports wooden floors. These products also comply with European standards for indoor sports surfaces and multi-sport indoor surfaces (EN 14904).

Chimiver’s solutions don’t end here! After years of research and development, LED-Y was born, the new frontier for finishing wooden floors. LED-Y is ideal especially for refurbishments of SPORTING areas, commercial spaces, residential settings and any situation where TIME is a critical factor.

ECOFAST UV LED SPORT, an UV LED finish specifically formulated to take full advantage of the LED-Y system for instant drying of basketball, volleyball, and soccer courts.

ECOFAST UV LED SPORT: a single-component UV LED photo curing water-based lacquer for coating wooden sports floors. This product complies with European standards for indoor sports surfaces, multi-sport indoor surfaces (EN 14904), and the painting cycle is certified CflS1 according to EN 13501-1. The product offers high resistance to foot traffic and abrasion, making it suitable for highly worn surfaces. This is an easy-to-use, convenient, and practical solution that allows an incredible time savings (treated surfaces are immediately walkable!).

Enhance the beauty of wood with Chimiver’s solutions!

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Our experts are available to answer all your questions and find the best solution for your needs. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


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