June 20, 2024

June 20, 2024



Protective Oil for Outdoor Wood: Discover Chimiver’s New Solution for DIY

Protective Oil for Outdoor Wood: Discover Chimiver’s New Solution for DIY

How to Treat Outdoor Wood

The Family of the Impregnating Oils expands: find out RAINCOAT!

RAINCOAT  is a water-based protective oil for exterior wood that, thanks to its emulsified oils and resins, strengthens the wood’s lignin and delays its degradation (graying).

Raincoat is particularly suitable for treating outdoor wood such as window frames, gazebos, fences, tables, wooden roofs, as well as outdoor flooring (pool edges, decking, terraces, walkways).

This product is perfect for DIY enthusiasts! It’s a very simple and practical wood oil to apply using a brush.

How to Apply an Impregnating Wood Oil?

  • Before applying the wood oil, shake well the tin
  • Make sure the wood is clean, then proceed with the first coat of RAINCOAT
  • Wait 2-4 hours and apply a second coat.

No need to sand between coats!

RAINCOAT makes oiling practical and time-saving! Click here to watch the application video.

Are you using the product during the summer or on a particularly hot day?

It is recommended to apply RAINCOAT in the morning when the ambient temperature is cooler. Avoid treatment at temperatures above 30°C.

What is a Wood Impregnating Oil For?

RAINCOAT is an impregnating oil that nourishes and protects the wood from damage caused by weather over time. Lack of regular maintenance, such as constant cleaning and protection of the surface with appropriate oils and stains, can accelerate the deterioration of decking. For a more effective and long-lasting treatment, Chimiver suggests using LIOS Sundeck Soap, a nourishing detergent soap for cleaning wooden decking.

Restoring outdoor wood to look like new has never been so easy! Follow Chimiver’s tips! Chimiver offers a wide range of products suitable for any situation and finish. Click here to find the product that suits you best!

Restore Gray Outdoor Wood with LIOS Grigioff

If your wood is gray from humidity and winter weather, before treating with RAINCOAT, Chimiver recommends applying LIOS Grigioff a solution for restoring the color of outdoor wood. Not sure what it is? Click here to watch the tutorial video and see the final results.


A patio or outdoor garden today can be finished and furnished with various alternative materials: wooden decking, WPC decking, and synthetic grass.

Chimiver has dedicated articles for each of these finishes. Read our article on WPC “How to Clean and Maintain WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)” byclicking here.

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If you have teak and outdoor wood flooring, we recommend reading “How to Restore Gray Outdoor Wood Flooring: Effective Tips for Cleaning and Restoration” by clicking here , whereChimiver explains all the professional solutions for cleaning and maintaining this type of material.

Our Academy section is full of tips, suggestions, and news. Check it regularly to stay up-to-date!

If you have any questions that our article did not address, please contact us. Our experts are available to answer any questions and find the best solution for your needs.


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